Bowflex Ultimate 2

Gaining and loosing is a matter of fact different in all situations. When it comes to money its harder gaining than losing it and when it comes to fitness, it’s easier to gain the weight and loose that fit figure of yours. Surely, many TV adds must have introduced medical remedies and specialized equipment to help you on your walk down fitness lane but not all of them are as promising as Bowflex®  Home Gym’s. These compact, gym designs are suitable for use in your homes for convenient access. The entire concept behind the making of these home gyms comes from the understanding  that the major and significant changes in your body can only be a result of workout and that to, a controlled and planned workout.

BowFlex web 300x224 Bowflex Ultimate 2The concentrated approach needed in a proper workout together with the most effective excursive plans, helped lead Bowflex to create a home gym giving you ultimate results- the Bowflex® Ultimate 2. It works with patented Power Rods provide safe and maximum interchangeable resistance. For 2o years now, Bowflex® has been developing guaranteed products that will help make a difference according to your goals with the following benefits:

A design that allows you a versatile range of up to 95 different exercises and workouts and an entire guide worth of explaining how.

Its compact and is able to fit in the smallest of area’s and doesn’t take up more than 44 by 46 inches of space when fully folded.

Is accommodated to provide minimum 310 pounds worth of resistance to a maximum of 410 pounds according to need. Supportable for user weight of up to 300 pounds.

Situated 5 way hand grip as well as ankle cuffs

For concentrated exercise, it includes a rowing machine, squat position, leg extension/curl station and a lat tower all built-in. Also allows for preacher curl and abs crunch attachment.

A 6 month warranty and reasonable price to suit your budget worth your needs.

Attached manual allowing you incite on all 95 exercises and and inspiration for planned workout

Trusting the power of Bowflex® products will be the best decision towards fitness that you can make towards a healthier and fitted living. Even after 10 years of use, you won’t feel the difference in innovation because Bowflex® home gyms are prepared through extreme engineered refinement for a stronger look giving you a stronger feel. Bowflex®  Ultimate 2 is what you need whether your purpose of workout be to maximize muscle strength, increase muscle endurance, enhance muscle power,  train for body composition, to add balanced strength, invite flexibility or to make stronger your cardiovascular system.  It’s just the matter of leading you to your goals with a gym that makes it easy and simple to train your body according to  the following range of exercises:


There is no stopping you from attaining the body you dreamed of and fitness that the genius home gym by Bowflex® can help you easily manufacture.

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